1) Schooners - A walk east on the beach and you can grab lunch here in your bathing suit! Do it at least once during your stay! 850-235-3555

2) Captain Anderson's - Located right at the marina about 5 mins from condo. 850-234-3435

3) J Michaels - Good food and I assure J Michael will be sitting at the bar keeping an eye on things. 850-233-2055

4) Dat Cajun Place - Good for lunch or dinner. Food with a little kick! Usually has music at night. 850-588-5314

5) Salt Water Grill - Only open for dinner. Kids will love the big aquarium, you'll love the food! 850-230-2739

6) Uncle Ernie's - You owe to yourself to go here. It will be a wait. Send someone ahead to get on the waiting list and they can hang out at the marina and watch the boats come in. The kids can even feed the fish while your waiting. But trust me someone needs to go early! Its across the bridge on the bay. 850-763-8427


1) Chubby's - Located about 2 miles west of the condo. You have to eat here at least once. I know you'll go at least twice once you go once! 850-708-3184

2) Shades at the Loop - This is way on the west end near the 30A area. If you're over there or want something different drive over. But consider eating at Chubby's a third time! 850-231-9410

3) Five Guys at Pier Park - Great burgers, better fries! 850-233-3890


1) Firefly - Best steak in town! Better than Angelo's! Great sushi to. Make a reservation and enjoy! 850-850-249-3359

2) Angelo's - A PCB tradition. Big Gus out front can't be missed. 850-234-2531

3) Longhorn at Pier Park - It's chain but its always good! 850-233-4980

4) Osaka at Pier Park - Hibachi grill with really good food! 850-588-8403


1) Firefly - Great sushi. You can sit at the bar if its to crowded. Make a reservation and enjoy! 850-850-249-3359

2) Osaka at Pier Park - If you just want sushi you can in the front dining bar area and grab a meal there along with full menu options. 850-588-8403

3) Kobe Seafood & Steak House - Located in Panama City not on the beach - 850-215-6688


1) Dave and Buster's at Pier Park - This is mainly for the kids but the parents will have fun to. A must for any families on vacation. 850-238-3501

2) Panda Express at Pier Park - Located across from the Harley shop - Quick service but great quality. 850-234-3800

3) Captain Jack's Buffet - Located on Thomas Drive - Not my favorite but with enough salt and pepper and ketchup a family can eat pretty cheap here. 850-236-8555

4) Andy's Flour Power - You got to do Breakfast here at least once during your stay. Only open for breakfast and lunch. A short drive from the condo. 850-230-0014

5) Back Porch at Pier Park - Seafood, chicken, etc - nice meal for the family at Pier Park - 850-233-1750